Tonight’s Dinner Is a Young Woman

Tonight’s Dinner Is a Young Woman

Jun. 10, 2024Korea

Scene 1. (Mirage) A man gets obsessed with his own fantasy where a woman, who seemed so dangerous that he couldn’t grasp her with his hand, appears again without fail for some reason. He is enchanted by her seductive and sultry body and eventually has intense sex with her. When the man comes back to his senses, the woman is no longer there. But the next day, she appears again and teases him.

Scene 2. (Queen) A male householder is spending his free time while waiting for the beautiful housekeeper he recently hired to arrive. As soon as she comes, the maid sets the table and starts cleaning the house. As the householder greedily watched the housekeeper’s buttocks and breasts, he fantasized about her and fell asleep. But when he opened his eyes, he felt something strange and found himself naked; his entire body was tied and hung from a pole. The maid then appears, wearing a black garter belt, in front of the struggling householder.

Scene 3. (Motel) A man used to do odd jobs at a motel and always thought, “Everyone in the world has sex except me.” One day, while cleaning the motel as usual, he witnessed a woman of his ideal type entering a motel room. In an inexplicable sense of self-destruction, he goes into the room next to her, listens to the wall, and fantasizes about her.

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