The Dark Room and Eros

The Dark Room and Eros

Oct. 05, 2022Japan72 Min.

One day, a middle-aged man comes to develop for Hideo Hamada, the store owner at an old photo studio. “I think you’ll be surprised to see the photo, but don’t say anything else,” the man leaves. Hamada is surprised to see the finished photo. There was a beautiful nude of a young woman who couldn’t be imagined in this world. Hamada is instantly fascinated by the woman in the photo. The owner of the photo is Joji Kawai. He promised to “purchase” her little girl from her parents, Naomi (Iori Furukawa), and raise her to be her ideal woman and become a couple. Over time, Naomi has become just the ideal woman, as Jouji had expected. However, curious Naomi often invites a young man to his house. Joji is resentful and locks Naomi in his house. On the other hand, Hamada gradually escalated his feelings for Naomi in the picture, and finally got into the picture and began to talk about his love for Naomi.

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