I Can’t Be Taken Away From You, Stepmom

I Can’t Be Taken Away From You, Stepmom

Apr. 13, 2024Korea

An erotic film about the anger of a man who lost his stepmother to his father’s friend after his father’s death.

Joon-yeong’s stepmother, Ji-hye, supports her stepson even after her husband dies. Joon-yeong suppresses his feelings of admiration for her, thinking of her as his real mother. One day, when Joon-yeong visits his stepmother on the anniversary of his father’s death, he sees his father’s friend, Noh-hyeok, coming in and out of her house. He gets furious when he finds out that Ji-hye is receiving money from her husband’s friend again and that she is even having sex with him. Thinking that all of this is because of his father’s unpaid debt, Joon-yeong returns the money to Noh-hyeok and tells him not to meet Ji-hye anymore. However, Noh-hyeok hides Joon-yeong in one side of his stepmother’s room and lets Joon-yeong hear him telling Ji-hye the truth.

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