Tutor and Bright Family

Tutor and Bright Family

Feb. 19, 2024Korea

Perhaps because his mother earned a lot of money, her immature son, Yong-woo, always failed to go to college. He’s the son who always dumps this or that tutor. Yong-seong, the older brother who can’t stand a younger brother like that, introduces a female junior to be his new private tutor. Yeon-hee, Yong-seong’s junior and Yong-woo’s new tutor, had a special way of teaching her rude student. After receiving tutoring from her, Yong-woo’s grades quickly improved. Meanwhile, Hye-seon, Yeon-hee’s friend who happened to follow her, met Yong-woo’s father, Tak-soo, while waiting for her friend in front of the house she is tutoring. Tak-soo is a film director whom Yeon-hee likes very much. By chance, Hye-seon comes to visit Tak-soo at his house when he is alone.

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